Automation and Control System

Customer Case Studies
Our Client approached DC to design and develop a universal Automation and Control System “ACS”. ACS would be integrated into each of it products that are shipped world wide and would form the heart of a system which drives motors, reads sensors and send communi- cations messages. The ACS had to be flexible enough to become a platform on which the company could built its products on for the next 10 years.


The challenge was to design a system that allowed the ACS to be programmed to do any function with any of its interfaces in a simple manner. Usability of the system was paramount. The programming interface had to be usable by a layperson. The programming interface had to be simple, intuitive and easy to use. This would allow for the user to test their concepts on the ACS in real time.


Following a detailed review of the requirements and the need for simplicity in the user interfaces DC developed an architecture. This included a Windows program “Simply Automate” for the font end of the system, and a compact and flexible electronics/ embedded firmware subsystem.

DC developed an intermediary programming language that was hidden from the user. This was within the graphical elements of the programming interface and translated by the ACS into real world actions. This interface created a high level of abstraction from the complexities of the system. This allowed the user to focus on the core of what was required in terms of high level functionality from the system.

DC developed an architecture for communica- tion between User Ideas – Graphical Interpreta- tion in software – Device Programming – Execution of User Intent. This was then translated into high level requirements specifi- cations and UML Models to allow for the complex Windows Software and Embedded Firmware to be developed.

Schematics of the electronics were developed alongside a multi layer PCB, all of which were designed in industry standard CAD software. Within the design process, considerations were made for manufactured and testing.

Test jigs and manufacturing process documen- tation was created to allow the design to transition to volume manufacture with ease.

The ACS Hardware included a variety of interfaces which all had to be simply program- mable by the user: Ethernet, RS232, RS485, USB, IR Learning, IR Replay, Contact Closures, AC Motor Drive Stages, DC Motor Drive Stages.


A flexible and compact automation and control system that can easily be deployed into a multitude of products. This also allows for customisation of functions, infrared learning, multi control and response systems. These are all combined with a simple and innovative Graphi- cal User Interface.

DC continue to manufacture, test and supply ACS to it’s client.


Fully manufactured solution delivered to client

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