Vandalism Detection for Ticket Machines

Customer Case Studies
Our client is one of the UK’s leading fast electronic ticketing system provider supplying most major rail / hotel / airline operators with their ticketing systems. Cash receiving ticket machines are easy targets for criminals wanting to steal money from them.


As a part of a program to prevent criminals from vandalizing machines and stealing cash a strategy had to be devised to provide an early warning vandalism alert system. DC was asked to devise a mechanism to detect and alert central systems that a particular ticket machine was under attack. However the system had to be programmable to ensure that is was not falsely triggered by vibrations from passing trains/vehicles but only created an alarm when the machine was really under attack.


An attack on a ticket machine can come from any angle and at any time. DC had to develop an ‘always-on’ mechanism of detecting tamper which worked in 3 axis. DC chose to use sensitive solid state micro machines nano technology to detect movements in 3 axis. This was combined with sensor inputs, communications interfaces and alarm driver outputs.

DC developed schematics for the intended design and generated a bills of materials. DC also produced a PCB design utilising industry standard schematic capture and printed circuit board design tools to create the 3 A xis Intelligent Motion Sensing Modules.

The 3 Axis Intelligent Motion Sensing Modules are preset in the factory to detect particular thresholds of movement. If a movement measurement exceeds the preset threshold a message is sent to the system to generate an alarm signal. This notifies the remote monitoring station which is equipped with CCTV to monitor the machines.


From the start of the project to delivery of the first working prototype took 20 days. The prototype was tested successfully within a ticket machine.
A further 20-off 3 Axis Intelligent Motion Sensing Modules were manufactured in 2 weeks to satisfy urgent requirements. DC then provided volume production units to its client.


Reduction in crime / test at ticket machines around the country

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