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Corporate - About DC
Through our structured and regulated industry leading approach to product design, development and technology consulting, we help our clients deliver exciting new products to market and significantly improve their business process.


Our focus lies in developing leading edge technology that is used by a vast array of companies the world over, including, Consumer Products, Medical Products, Automation and Control products to name a few.

DCQuality Management

Our quality and project management systems ensure that we can deliver regulatory compliant systems on time and within budget.

DCSkill set

We provide our clients with an unparalleled skill set, from product design and mechanical engineering, through software, electronics and wireless communications to life sciences, enabling them to trust us with their most technically and commercially challenging projects.

DCWireless Medical

Disign Consultants has developed a number of Bluetooth, Zigbee, GSM and frequency hopping based RF medical devices used within the healthcare arena.

There is no doubt that more and more clients are demanding wireless interfaces for their medical devices and healthcare solutions. Radio technology and perception of its use within the healthcare area has moved on and there is a general acceptance that Radio interfaces can be used in critical applications.

Medical devices require a high integrity systems to ensure patient safety at all times, Disign Consultants employs a Risk Management approach to the development of high integrity systems, risk and their consequences being assessed at each avenue.

With comprehensive experience in taking medical products to market, Disign Consultants offer a faster way to a regulatory compliant, cost effective solution.

Industrial Products

Disign Consultants has been working in the area of industrial product control for over 7 years and has developed a number of commercial products that are used world wide in the automation and control of motorsied systems.

DCFlexible Systems
Disign Consultants has a number of flexible systems that provide a platform to build new industrial control systems in a short space of time.

Software Development

Whether it be a complete web based clinical system, windows application or an Embedded application, Disign Consultants can provide software development services tailored to your needs.

DCValidated Software Systems
Medical devices / systems require strict validation in accordance to the regulatory standards imposed in the country of sale. Disign Consultants has a strict software quality development lifecycle model that ensures that software is developed, documented, verified and validated in accordance to US FDA CFR requirements and European CE requirements.

DCEmbedded Software Systems
Developing state of the art embedded systems using industry leading processors, if your requirements are low power, high throughput, multi tasking or simple systems, Disignconsultants can develop the an appropriate solution for you,

DCWindows Applications


Whatever your wireless RF requirements are Disign Consultants can help you implement the right solution. We will guide you through the maze of products, terminology, and ultimaly select the most appropriate technology to meet your needs.






Ideas To Reality


Taking a product from an idea to prototype then to mass production in often a daunting task. Design Consultants strong industry links with the worlds top manufacturers allows us to take your products from concept to market in record time.

DCCE Marking / UL / 510K

Disign Consultants can help you with all of you regulatory compliance needs from simple products to complex medical systems requiring multi class classification, incorporating wireless regulatory conformance, labeling and technical files

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