Low Energy Hand Dryer

Customer Case Studies
Our client is an emerging company with strong technology in the field of low energy low carbon footprint hand dryers.


The Hand Dryer market has a number of large players each offering innovative technology to dry hands quickly within the 10s – 15s region. Each claiming low energy footprints, currently this ranges from 2400W down to 1100W.

The Vortex hand dryer is the worlds first sub <1000W, 900W, hand dryer that does not use heaters yet produces warm air to speed up the drying process.

Disign Consultants was asked to innovate and develop a Hand Dryer that would create a market paragdime shift in, Carbon Footprint - Energy Consumption whilst maintaining a cuttng edge and innovative design.


The DC design team worked closely with SAVortex’s engineers to understand constraints relating to the product architecture. Particular attention was paid to the airflow dynamics and energy consumption.

Initial concept designs explored the tradeoff’s between physical aspects (size, configuration, construction) performance and consumer appeal. The final design direction favored a sleek look that would complement today’s modern and stylistic washrooms whilst delivering ground breaking drying performance.

Initial 1:1 foam models of the dryer were created within 2 weeks of the kick-off meeting. The client was able to look at the actual size of the dryer, assess colour schemes and design direction early on in the development process.

Once the design direction was finalized, a 3D CAD model was developed to refine the design. This was used as reference data from which the product was ultimately produced.

Electronics and Software play a pivotal yet hidden role in today’s products, enabling them to perform the functions we desire. In an energy conscious product such as the Vortex Hand Dryer which spends most of its time in standby, DC developed an electronics / software system that took the least amount of power whilst providing the functionality needed. DC designed an Eco Smart Energy Star Compliant power supply system which forms the heart of the Vortex Dryers electronics / software sub tem.


The Vortex Dryer consumes significantly less power than its nearest competitor. It’s aesthetics allow it compliment any modern washroom.

The Hand Dryer utilises recyclable materials from a sustainable supply chain. DC has delivered a world class and ground breaking Hand Dryer.


Significant energy cost savings, sustainable supply chain and low carbon footprint.

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