Universal Automation Controller Development

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Disign Consultants has developed a revolutionary Automation Controller encompassing ARM RISC processor technology. The Automation Controller uses an embedded multi tasking real time operating system to run and control its various interfaces.

A custom windows application was developed allowing for flexible program code generation utilising graphical icons and net names to connect the various elements together.

Overall the development has led to spectacular product that outperforms any other controller on the market at a similar price point.

External Interfaces




DC5 x 0V contact closure inputs

DC1 x 12V input

DCInfra Red Input

DCInfra Red Output

Internal Interfaces

DCReal Time Clock

DC2 x bi-directional 12V DC motor drives @ 2.5A

DC8 x Contact Closure / Opto interfaces

DC3 x bi-directional AC drives @ 4A each

Power Supply

DCUniversal input from 86V 240V AC

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